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Hanover Vegetable Farm

Vendor Information


2024 Festival Dates:

  • Luck of the Irish 5k and Barn Party: March 16th 12- 5 pm
    Taco and Derby Fest!: May 4th 2-7 pm
  • Strawberry and Wine Festival: May 11th 11-6 pm and 12th 11-5 pm
  • DOTF Wing Fest: June 15th 12-6 pm
  • Hanover Maters’, Crabs and Kegs Fest: July 20th 4-7 pm
  • DOTF Watermelon Fest: August 3rd 12-6 pm
  • Shrimp and BBQ Fest: September 7th 5:30- 8:30 pm
  • Virginia Apple. Hard Cider and Bluegrass Festival: September 21st 11-6pm
  • Gourds, Goblets and Ghouls Festival: October 12th 11-6 pm and 13th 11-6 pm

General Info

  • Vendors will be accepted in this order: returning vendors in good standing and then in order of request and paid.
  • We cannot prevent vendor duplication of arts and crafts products. We will do our best to keep similar booths separated.
  • For franchise businesses, only one representative per franchise is permitted.
  • Our events are outdoor and rain or shine. If conditions permit you will be able to unload your products next to your booth for set up and then directed where to park your vehicle.
  • All vendors must be in the Gate by 10 am. If you arrive after this time you will have to park in general parking and carry your items into the event area.
  • All vendors must be set up, vehicles removed and ready for inspection 30 min prior to the festival start time. No vehicles will be allowed in after this time. This is strictly enforced and there will be no exceptions. We need this time to assure the safety of our guest.
  • Each Vendor will be given 4 entry passes/wristbands for helpers/employees. Any additional passes needed can be purchased for $5.
  • At this time there is no electricity at any vendor spots. We do allow quiet generators if it is needed. Hanover Vegetable Farm will inspect the use of generators and reserves the right to deem them to loud for use. If you are in need of electricity let us know and it may be something we work to provide in the future.

Rules and Regulations

  • The Hanover Vegetable Farm reserves the right to refuse the approval of a vendor application.
  •  NO REFUNDS will be made in the event of rain. If weather is severe, the Hanover Vegetable farm will make the decision to continue the Festival or cancel. If Hanover Vegetable Farm cancels the event then some form of refund or credit for a future event will be issued.
  • NO REFUNDS will be issued 30 days prior to the event.
  • Vendor setup starts at 8:30 am. Vendors may set up there booth the night before an event with permission and only in the set time given.
  • Hanover Vegetable Farm and its employees assumes no responsibility for loss of product during the festival or if the vendor chooses to set up their booth the night before the event.
  • Once the gates open any items that need to be dropped off to your booth must come through the vendor entrance at the front gate and the person must have an entry pass/wristband
  • Vehicular field access for booth supply drop off/unloading and loading is prohibited. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the field for break down until the scheduled end of the event.
  • Vendors must remain set up and man their booth through the entire event. Failure to do so without permission from the management of Hanover Vegetable Farm will result in a $50 fine which will need to be paid before being accepted into any other events. Multiple infractions will result in the vendor not being allowed back to Hanover Vegetable Farm Events.
  • If you are a vendor selling food items and/or providing food samples, you must complete all Permit Application from the Hanover Health Department. No exceptions, you will be inspected that day by the Hanover Health Department.
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